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Best Interlocking Paver Block In Kolkata

If you are already finished with constructing your Dream House but still confused to proceed with the outdated monotonous ordinary cement patios or conventional asphalt roads which are vulnerable to cracks and with zero load tolerance & durability and has no aesthetic damage value look no further, our Boulevard ranges are a Premium Series of Elegant Paver Blocks of 50-60mm thickness with High Strength Capacity meant to be used for Driveways, Courtyards, Car Parks, etc.

Due to its Flexible Interlocking concept and affordability, Pavers are laid over a bed of Sand and have undue advantages over old conventional asphalted or ordinary concrete roads. Pavers are easy to lay and can also be easily removed & refixed for underground cable works or any other civil job if required in the future. Pavers are highly durable which can withstand a load up to 450 Kg/cm² and lasts one’s lifetime.

The design possibilities enabled by the use of these relatively small paving units are limited only by your imagination. We are supplying best in class Interlocking paver block in West Bengal in an affordable price range. 

Best interlocking paver block in kolkata

Best Interlocking Paver Block In Kolkata

Best interlocking paver block in west bengal
Best interlocking paver block in kolkata
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