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Best Interlocking Paver Block In West Bengal

As the name of the series signifies, Anjali Flooring is proud for having introduced Sophisticated Technology with Fully Automated Plant from U.S.A (Columbia Machine Inc.) along with separated Weigh Batching & Mixing Automated Temperature controlled Curing Chambers, Sophisticated Material Handling with minimum human exposure for material despatch in order to manufacture Ultra High Strength Load Capacity M-50 Grade Pavers required to construct roads for the following. 

-Highway Shoulders

-Airport Runway Shoulders -Container Yards at Ports

– Railway Cargo Yards

– Fuel Station

From matching the level with Global standards, Pavers of this category are being manufactured with M-40 to M-50 Grade Concrete Mix Design with a load-bearing capacity varying between 450-750 Kg/cm2 depending on the usage requirements.

This is the most premium category in our product segment as we take utmost care and adhere to routine Quality checks and R & D for ensuring High Load bearing strength. 

We are proud for having executed various Pilot Projects of West Bengal replacing Asphalt based State Highways & Roads with M-50 Grade 100mm thick Paver Blocks in the recent past. This organization is also known as the best interlocking paver block in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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Best Interlocking Paver Block In Kolkata

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