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A Little History On Pavers

Pavers has been around for almost 5,000 years. One of the oldest paved roads was discovered in the summer of 1994, in Giza, Egypt. This road was built over 4,600 years ago as a route to connect an ancient basalt quarry to Lake Moers and used to transport large stones for the construction of the temples of Giza This ancient road measures12 km in length and2.0 min width. The road was paved with thousands of slabs of sandstone and limestone and some logs of petrified wood. The still standing road was used to carry massive stones using sleds and proved to be reliable. 

In 500 B.C, during the Roman Republic, Rome introduced the segmental pavers in their road system. The Romans needed their armies to travel quickly within the empire and the current kinds of roads posed many problems. The roads were often muddy, created too much drag, and also created lots of dust in heavily transited areas. To solve that problem the Romans created roads with deep roadbeds of crushed stone and a top layer that included six-sided capstones. The Roman roads provided the troops with much faster transportation and proved to be reliable as they still stand to this day.

Although Concrete Paving Blocks were first manufactured in Holland now the Netherlands in1924. It was probably World War II that led to the growth of concrete blocks as a paving material. Large areas of the Netherlands were destroyed during the War and, because clay bricks were in short supply, Concrete Blocks were introduced as an alternative. Subsequently, Concrete Block Paving became recognized as a paving material in its own right. Anjali flooring has become a reliable and the leading Paver Block manufacturer in Kolkata to explore a whole new standard of paver blocks visit today. 

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